A Korean Company to A Global Company

In the 2010s

Leading the global market
  • Sep 2018Acquired PT. BOMIN PERMATA ABADI, Indonesia
  • Feb 2018Acquired Modas B.I. Apparel in Guatemala
  • Feb 2018Established Bentonville Office in Arkansas, U.S.A
  • Feb 2018Established Hansae Pinula S.A. New York Office, U.S.A
  • Nov 2017HansaeMK received “Chairman Award of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Corporate Innovation Award”
  • Jun 2017Established Danang Branch Office in Vietnam
  • Mar 2017Nicaragua corporation received “Nicaragua Production-Exporter Association Export Innovation Award”
  • Oct 2016Established Bentonville Office in Arkansas, U.S.A
  • Oct 2016Received “Korea's National Economic Contribution Accreditation of Outstanding Prospective Enterprises Award”
  • Sep 2016Acquired MKTrend (equity) (changed name into HansaeMK in 2017)
  • Jun 2016Ho Chi Minh Office changed to Corporation
  • Apr 2016Hanoi Office changed to Corporation
  • Apr 2015FRJ, Inc. merger
  • Mar 2015Received commendation for tax payment by Seoul municipal government
  • Jan 2015Nicaragua corporation received appreciation plaque from Nicaragua's Minister of Labor
  • Dec 2014Received $100 million export award on 51st Trade Day
  • Nov 2014President Kim Dong Nyeong received Silver Medal on 28th Fabric Day
  • Nov 2014President Kim Dong Nyeong received the best businessman award "Master Award" at 8th Ernst & Young Awards
  • May 2014Semarang, Indonesia Office established
  • Apr 2014Vice President Lee Yong Baek received Prime Minister Aware on Fair Trade Day
  • Jul 2014Myanmar 2nd onsite corporation merger (Costec)
  • Sep 2013Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam sales office established
  • Sep 2013Vietnam 1st corporation visited by Korean President Park Geun Hye
  • Sep 2013Myanmar 1st onsite corporation merger (Ayeyarwaddy)
  • Feb 2013Fabric company C&T Vina merger
  • Oct 2012Shanghai, China Sourcing Office established
  • Sep 2011CEO Lee Yong Baek received Korea Global CEO Award in 2011
  • Aug 2011Merged with Dreamsco (Name changed to Hansae Dream in 2014)
  • Jul 2011Digital Management Innovation Award by Ministry of Knowledge Economy
  • Nov 2010Chosen as one of Korea's 500 companies
  • Oct 2010 Internal brand NYBH launched
  • Aug 2010Guatemala second onsite corporation established (Hansae Global)

In the 2000s

Supplementing our rapid growth in Central America and Southeast Asia
  • Nov 2009Hanoi, Vietnam office established
  • Jan 2009Company spin-off : Holding company - Hansae Yes24 Holdings, Inc.
    Operating company - Hansae Co., Ltd.
  • May 2008New York, USA office established
  • Apr 2008President Kim Dong Nyeong chosen as one of Korea's 100 CEOs
  • Aug 2007Cambodia onsite corporation established (Cambo Hansae)
  • Feb 2007Guatemala onsite corporation's main factory opened
  • Nov 2006Second onsite corporation established in Indonesia (Karawang)
  • Nov 2006IStyle24 opened
  • Sep 2005Guatemala onsite corporation established
  • Aug 2005Indonesia onsite corporation established (KBN)
  • Apr 2005Second onsite corporation in Vietnam (TN)
  • Nov 2004China corporation established (Qingdao Hansae)
  • May 2003Merged with YES24
  • Oct 2002WOVEN factory established (VN)
  • Oct 2001Established onsite corporation in Vietnam (VN)
  • Jan 2000Hansae Co., Ltd. IPO
  • Jan 2000Achieved $100 million in exports for single factory (Saipan)

In the 1990s

Expansion to Central America market
  • Jul 1998Merged with Nicaraguan onsite corporation (ESPARANZA S.A)
  • Mar 1996Third global onsite corporation established (Saipan)
  • Jul 1993OTC market registration (KOSDAQ name change in 1996)
  • Apr 1991Merged with 2nd onsite corporation in Saipan (Saipan)

In the 1980s

Establishment of Hansae Co., Ltd. and expansion to the first global corporation
  • Jan 1988First global corporation established (Saipan)
  • Nov 1982Hansae Co., Ltd. established

In the 1970s

Hansae Co., Ltd. was established.
  • Dec 1972Hansae Distribution, Inc. established