Sustainable Management
Hansae Co., Ltd. pursues economical efficiency and environmental green initiatives as a sustainable company.

Reduction Achievements of Hansae

In 2017, Hansae established a reduction target of energy use and GHG emissions with the base year of 2015 and the target year of 2020.

Hansae made significant achievement by exceeding its original goals in electricity, coal and water usage and getting very close to reduction targets of oil and GHG emissions.

In 2021, Hansae established a new reduction targets with the base year of 2020 and the target year of 2030. Hansae will continuously find ways to sustain our environment for better future.

  • Hansae Environmental Policy

    Climate change and global warming have been major risks, increasingly affecting our environment.

    Hansae, as a global garment manufacturer, we have established the environmental management system to reduce environmental risk through the reduction of energy and water use.

    In addition, we established a transparent management system by participating in global sustainability project such as the ‘Carbon Disclosure Project’.

  • Activities

    Hansae has been dedicated to environmental protection and minimizing GHG emissions through following energy-saving activities.

    • Replaced Fluorescent Lamp with LED Lamp
    • Installed LED light fixture at sewing machine
    • Water Cooling system
    • Waste Water Treatment Plant
    • Liquid/Steam Divider
    • lncinerator (using textile wastes, clean/pressed wood & dry fire wood)
    • Rainwater Harvesting System
    • Low Liquor Washing & Dyeing Machine (C&T G-TECH)

    Biomass Usage
    As one of ways to reduce GHG emissions and increase renewable energy use, many of hansae sewing factories are using biomass replacing liquid fuel and coals. Such biomass includes firewood, sawdust briquette, wood waste, rice hull, etc. Hansae has plan to drive factories to continuously increase the biomass usage.

Chemical Management – ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemical)

C&T Vina, our subsidiary facility (fabric knitting, dyeing, printing and garment washing), has been actively involved with ZDHC program to eliminate 14 priority hazardous chemical by following the below elimination timeline.

Accomplishment cornerstones

  • Hansae received ‘The Certificate of Appreciation’ from   supplier in recognition of disclosing and reporting our Carbon emissions status to CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project)
  • In 2011, Korean JoongAng daily newspaper began ranking Korea's largest public companies for Global Stewardship. We were selected among the largest 200 companies in 2013 and ranked as No.5 in Consumer Goods sector at 'Green Ranking (2013)'.